Промышленный кран CD5515-2

The CD5515-2 offers a three-section, 12,5 m (41 ft.) boom and an optional four-section full-power 15,2 m (50 ft.) boom. The crane features an optimized mast design, exclusive pivoting boom nose, and new cab design. Three steering mode options are available for maximum maneuverability.


Макси­маль­ная г/пДли­­­­на стре­­­­лыРешет­ча­тая стре­лаМасса маши­­­ны брут­­­тоМакси­­маль­­ная высо­­та ого­­лов­­ка
13,6 т
(15 USt)
4,6 м - 12,5 м
(15 ft - 41 ft)
4.6 м
(15 ft)
13487.6 кг
(29735 lb)
20.4 м
(67 ft)

Характерные особенности:

  • Three-section full-power boom with optional four-section full-power boom 
  • Powershift transmission
  • Load moment indicating system
  • Three modes of steering with electronic self alignment
  • Manitowoc Crane Care support