Промышленный кран CD5540F (Dual Fuel)

The CD5540F is equipped with single-position oblique style outriggers..Cab Both models come equipped with a standard open air cab shell with overhead safety glass. An optional enclosed cab with front, right and rear glass, a split (two-piece) hinged door with sliding glass. Front windshield wiper, heater and defroster fan is available.


Макси­маль­ная г/пДли­­­­на стре­­­­лыРешет­ча­тая стре­лаМасса маши­­­ны брут­­­тоМакси­­маль­­ная высо­­та ого­­лов­­ка
13,6 т
(15 USt)
5,6 м - 12,5 м
(18.5 ft - 41 ft)
4.6 м
(15 ft)
12376.3 кг
(27285 lb)
21.3 м
(70 ft)

Характерные особенности:

  • 93 bhp (69.3 Kw) G.M. dual fuel engine
  • Four speed syncromesh transmission
  • Three-section full-power boom with optional manual fourth section
  • Quick reeve main block
  • Two wheel, four wheel and crab steer
  • Two or four wheel drive