Башенный кран MD 2200 Topbelt 30

The MD 2200 Topbelt 30 offers all the advantages combined by a distributing crane of strong capacity associated with a conveyor belt for intensive concrete placing. 

In a distributing crane mode, the MD 2200 distinguishes itself by a strong capacity load chart with 22.8t at the radius of 80 m and a maximum load of 60t at the radius of 32m, allowing the lifting of heavy loads or a concreting with a concrete bucket of 9m3. The crane has a free height under hook of 93m. 

In a Topbelt mode, the crane handles a conveyor for concreting, allowing a volume of 400m3 per hour by covering and by overflying a surface of 25.000m² with a maximum radius of 105m. The conveyor uses a standard belt size of 30' (inches) wide.

The Topbelt system which can work with various slopes, until +/-20°, can be also climbed up along the mast of the crane, so the Topbelt system can follow the progress of the construction.


Макси­маль­ная г/пМакси­маль­ный ради­усМакси­маль­ная г/п на кон­це стре­лыВысо­та под крю­ком для кра­на базо­вой комп­лек­тации
60 т
(66.1 USt)
80 м
(262.5 ft)
22.8 кг
(50.3 lb)
93 м
(305.1 ft)